Sigma's Privacy Policy

Sigma Commercial accumulates identifying personal information from this website to the extent that the visitor’s website browser automatically provides such information to our web server such as: visitor’s e-mail, website or domain which links the visitor to our site, IP address, etc.  Sigma also collects personal information if specifically provided to us through website contact in order to provide any sort of service being: requesting property information, marketing a property, property management, requesting additional information on Sigma’s services, any document in which needs information due to its confidentiality, etc.


Sigma Commercial Realty does not disclose identifying information to third parties.  Personal information will only be distributed in order to satisfy inquires from specific web site visitors or is required by law or any other government, judicial, or administrative consent.  If any visitor to this site believes that they have been inappropriately contacted by Sigma as a direct result of accessing this website, please contact our office in regards to that specific incident immediately.


Sigma Commercial Realty, Inc. reserves the right to make any changes to this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the new changes on this website.


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