Preferred Development

Over the last several years Sigma has aggressively penetrated the preferred development industry, turning towards a “turn-key” build-to-suit development approach for a variety of its clients. Sigma has worked with some of the top retailers in the nation and continues to expand its cliental base with franchise and corporate based companies along with individual investors/entrepreneurs.   Empty Commercial Rental Property

Because Sigma also handles its own investments, its specialists understand what it takes to make a preferred development project successful.  Sigma will negotiate every aspect of its client’s development project while watching over each step meticulously from the construction schedule to the monthly property management requirements.  

With Sigma’s in house Property Management and Sales and Leasing departments, Sigma can handle every aspect of its client’s preferred development desires in one central location.  This allows the Sigma staff to coordinate the steps in each of its client’s development projects allowing for the most cost effective time management process.

If you would like to learn more about how Sigma can help you find, construct, lease, and manage property in some of the most desirable retail locations, contact us today.

Contact: Nick Skeparnias